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We are your premier source for high-quality medical equipment, directly imported to meet the needs of the European market. From Madrid, Spain, we focus on building lasting relationships with our business partners, offering essential products such as face masks, COVID test kits, and flu test kits.

Efficiency in delivery is crucial. Our optimized logistics ensure that your orders arrive on time, every time, helping to maintain uninterrupted business continuity.

Our Advantage:

  • Established logistic network for fast and secure distribution.
  • Expert handling of the supply chain from import to delivery.

We understand that success in B2B business is built on trust and mutual commitment. CRBD Imports is dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with each of our clients, ensuring a service that exceeds expectations.

Benefits for Our Partners:

  • Competitive pricing for high-volume orders.
  • Constant support and expert advice.

At CRBD Imports, we believe clear and consistent communication is the cornerstone of successful business relationships. We prioritize keeping our clients informed and engaged throughout every step of the partnership.

Our Communication Commitment:

  • Regular updates on product availability and delivery timelines.
  • Multilingual support team to ensure seamless communication.
  • Personalized service, responding promptly to all queries and concerns.

fully compromised with Quality

At Importaciones CRBD , we understand that quality is paramount when it comes to medical equipment. Our products are carefully selected and comply with all European regulations, ensuring the safety and efficacy your business requires.

CommitED to Exceptional Customer Care

We provide a close and direct relation with our customers to give the support they need. We care about your needs and look for solutions that best suit your businesses, exceeding the expectations of each client.

Focussed on providing excellent and innovative products


Clinical and self test

Latest products

Partners in Innovation

Innovation is key in the medical field. That’s why at CRBD Imports, we strive to stay ahead of market trends, offering the most innovative products to combat diseases and protect public health. We provide Market-leading products in innovation and effectiveness. Plus Ongoing collaboration with renowned manufacturers to introduce new solutions.